Learn to be a better driver by understanding the driver and vehicle connection.


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Driving today is challenging. Whether it is your first time behind the wheel or have been driving, we can add strength to your weakness and make your strength even stronger. No matter your individual needs, we can help!

We at Advanced Driving Solutions believe that understanding the machine’s capabilities and the driver’s capabilities are essential. After all, if you can not use the machine properly and understand some science behind it, you create a risk to yourself and others.

We offer one-on-one in car instruction to suit your individual needs and abilities. Don’t go just anywhere, come to us! Driver instruction is our specialty and is our privilege to serve you!

We specialize in assisting anxious drivers such as those who are afraid to return to driving after a long period or traumatic event. We can help you evaluate your needs and get you in the right direction! We are patient, understanding and know people’s limitations. We work within the driver’s abilities. After all, driving is a human and vehicle combination skillset. We can help!