About Us

Hello and welcome to Advanced Driving Solutions!  Advanced Driving Solutions main office is in the Tampa Bay area of Riverview, Florida. It was founded by Andre “Andy” Levesque (pronounced Levek) after retiring from his 23 year police career.

After retirement, Andy started working for a local driving school in Florida as a driving instructor then added certified driver license examiner to his talents.  Yup, that’s right!  A former cop deciding who gets their license or not!  No worries, he is and has always been fair. He is fair and strict with his students and fair and strict when testing.  All for a good reason; safety for everyone.

Andy quickly realized that the requirements and standards for obtaining a driver’s license were poor at best. Instead of trying to beat the system, Andy decided to advance his training system with more concentration on areas not provided in regular driving schools or driver education programs provided by some school.

With Andy’s first hand knowledge and study on driver behavior, decision making and crash factors, he developed a tested formula for driver learning and development.

It is simple. Understand what you want, find the right person to coach you, and continue your training. Driving is a skill. A skill that needs remedial training from time to time to keep you sharp and informed on recent changes to the driving world.

The most important information we want to express is this; if not with Advanced Driving Solutions, please, please, please check your driving instructor’s background and talent.  It is your life, your child’s life and others that depend on it! Please contact us if you have any concerns or would like Andy to help you learn to drive safe and drive smart. It is all about your attitude!   

Drive safe, drive smart! It’s all about your attitude!

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