For those that just received their driver’s license and parents of those new drivers, this is an exciting time. A right of passage for many. We believe that experiencing this with your teen is exciting and nerve racking. We can help!

New Licensed Drivers – If you have taken a driver education class publicly or privately, please understand it is theory and rules of the road. Just because you get your driver’s license, does not make you a driver. It is the same for getting a fishing license, it does not make you a fisherman. The skills road tests are the MINIMUM skills and abilities to drive a vehicle on the roads. MINIMUM is a scary threshold. These skills and abilities have not changed in the last 50 years. In fact, in some States like Florida, parallel parking is not required. Knowing how to do that is critical vehicle control skill. However, times have changed. Traffic has changed. Everything has changed including the vehicle or machine you are trying to operate.

We, here at Advanced Driving Solutions, know that driving is a skillset. Skillsets, when not maintained or increased will remain low. Do you want to stay at a minimum level or do you really want to understand what the vehicle can do under your control? Skills training and enhancement along with vehicle control is the answer! We can help!

Behind-the-Wheel training $120 for 2 hour lesson

We offer a comprehensive behind-the-wheel training for licensed driver. We specialize in newly licensed driver development, vehicle control techniques, understanding rule of the road and apply it to real life scenarios. Lessons are done in two hour segments and has found to be the best amount of time before student overload occurs.

Vehicle Control Clinics

Vehicle Control / Skill Enhancement Clinics are coming soon! They are currently in development.

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