Risk and Attitude

By Andy Levesque

            Welcome back, I’ve missed you!  First, thank you for all the comments and concerns from the last blog.  I hope I have answered them in a timely manner.  Since I am a one person operation (for now) I may not have the ability to respond immediately.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  I believe in quality not quantity!

            Let us start out with something insurance companies love, RiskRisk comes in many forms.  How to manage or mitigate risk when driving is a skill to develop and maintain.  As it relates to driving, I view risk having an association with Attitude.  Attitude is not how you are feeling.  That is a mood.  Attitude is a way of life.  If you think safe and act safe, than in most cases, you have the right attitude.  If you think recklessly and act recklessly, guess what?  You are probably a reckless person.  Attitude affects risk.  The better your attitude, the less risk you are willing to take.  Less risks in vehicle operation or making traffic decisions, the less likely you are to cause a crash. Proven a lower risk, insurance companies like that and your rates are lower.  If you have a high risk or bad attitude towards driving and safety like several moving violations or caused collisions, then insurance companies may not insure you or if they do, it will cost you dearly. 

            Each time I watch drivers, I can unscientifically match their driving behavior with their personality or overall attitude.  When you see drivers distracted, disobeying traffic laws, unsafe lane changes, excessive speeding (over and above what everyone else does), rapid acceleration, tailgating and so much more, it is easy to come to a reasonable conclusion about their attitude.  How a person drives reflects the personality or attitude of the driver.  They are easy to spot.  Sometimes it is more difficult to spot a safe driver than the careless or reckless drivers.  The better your attitude is, the better your behavior will be.  This lowers your risk. You can be bad, you can be mediocre or you can be great and everywhere in between.  It is your choice.  It is your attitude that will put you or someone else at risk.

            Perhaps the best way to reduce risk is not to put yourself in a risky situation.  All too often we find ourselves rushing to our next appointment, to work, to get the kids from one place to another, etc. Recognizing that you are distracted and adjusting your driving will reduce more risk than not changing at all. Plan ahead, look ahead, make decisions early, slow down!  Life is not an emergency with day to day tasks. If you are late, you are late.  It is better to be a few minutes late than to not get there at all.  If you find yourself in that situation, find a safe way out. The best way is to practice safe and responsible driving by no placing yourself in that position in the first place. There is always a way out and you have the ability to make that change.

            One rule of the many rules in life taught to me taught by my father was simple.  When it came to behavior he said, “See that guy over there?  Don’t be like him!”  Enough said.

Drive safe, drive smart! It’s all about your attitude!

Published by Andy Levesque

Andy is a 23 year police veteran that specialized in traffic enforcement, crash investigations, traffic homicide investigations and reconstructions, police and emergency vehicle driver training, performance driving and more. Andy brings to you his knowledge, experiences, his studies and practice of driver behavior, vehicle dynamics and how the two connect. Andy specializes in vehicle control and has a gift to keep everything calm and in control. He also brings patience and understanding to those who have anxiety towards driving or need special attention. Andy is an internationally published author of Driving Dynamics ISBN-13: 978-1500879665 Andy loves to share his knowledge with new drivers and puts things into perspective. Using his talents and techniques have provided several new and experienced drivers valuable skill sets all while having fun!

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